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What exactly does Rook Interactive do for its clients?

Even after 17 years, this is a question that comes up often, and hopefully this site will help address it in enough detail. The best way to really to describe it, is that Rook Interactive works as a Interactive Media Production House - with a very strong emphasis on web friendly design, and internet marketing strategies and methods. We work with and advise clients in three principal areas of project development when working on a web site or interactive media project. These project areas are:

Website and Email Hosting, with Traffic Analytics

Website and Interactive Media Design

Internet Marketing

We then hold our work to its highest standard with the client by also implementing a easy to understand, informative, and visually based senses of metrics, analysis and reporting - so that the client can see, understand, and help contribute to the process of adjusting, and refining both the design and the marketing efforts.
It is the combined synergy of the our work and the client's participation in the entire process that makes our projects succeed.