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Targeted Press Releases with AP, UPI, and Thomson-Reuters

As an authorized Press Agent, Rook Interactive can submit targeted relevant press release that have embedded hotlinks, contact information, images, logos, and now even YouTube videos. These release are usually up to 800 words in length, and can be submitted to popular aggregators like Google News, Daylife, Newsblaze, Mass Media Content, Moreover, Pluck Blogburst, Sphere, and VerticalNews; in clipping services like CyberAlert, CustomScoop, Ewatch, InboxRobot and NewsKnowledge. The news release is also submitted to RSS feeders including Alltop, Feedburner, Feedzilla, NewsisFree, Red Tram International, Wikio, Zimbio, and many more.

Rook also sends targeted distribution to media editors at daily newspapers, major news weeklies, television stations, and news/talk radio, as well as targeted distribution to media editors at one national trade and consumer magazine industry category. All releases also get submitted to Associated Press, United Press International, and Thomson-Reuters. These submissions create backlinks from the media sources, which stay active over next two years. These backlinks also affect the targeted source website's search engine ranking score, and contribute to the site's overall PageRank.

Rook Interactive can help a client craft a release according to new formatting standards, and to target the press release by State, Industry, and Region. If you would like to order a release or to learn more, click here.