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With the world racing to make their mark on the web, companies are putting their best foot forward and staying up with the competition on marketing their products or services on the internet. Making a state of the art website is just getting a third of the deal done. Getting a right internet marketing package is what should be the capstone for your website project, followed by Analysis and Performance monitoring, to see how you can make adjustments for better results.
A true Internet Marketing campaign serves all aspects that get your website more visibility and branding, thus getting in more business for your company. Rook Interactive seeks to arm you for this battle, by roving you with a number of marketing tools that combine to form a layered and self-sustaining approach to the marketing needs. We are continually adding services to this bracket of our company, as the technology progresses, but here are some of the most effective we have found so far:

Search Engine Placement and Monitoring

Targeted Press Releases with AP, UPI, and Thomson-Reuters

Website Traffic, Views, and Raw Exposure Generation

Writing and Article Submission Concierge Services

Social Media Strategy Development and Planning