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Ten years ago, the idea of offering your products online for sale seemed like a dream - something that probably would not happen, and if it did, it probably would not amount to much. Well, the times have definitely changes, as the potential of E-commerce has ben realized in the current incarnations of Ebay, Amazon, Apple iTunes, and even Walmart.
If you have product that can be sold online, you are missing an opportunity by not offering it online. The E-commerce industry segment is growing exponentially, and is still constantly changing. In order to remain competitive it is important to be cognizant of the new ideas in this ever-changing business. Companies are inventing innovative ideas to attract new customers, retain the old and advertise their products via internet like never before. The following are five innovative ideas for today's e-commerce world:

  • Rebuilding your Shopping cart to allow for use in Social Media sites such as Facebook as well
  • Offer one of a kind items with limited inventory - and a shopping cart system that counts down
  • Use the viral aspect of Social Media, allowing customer to "Like" and "Google Plus" the items from your store - therefore recommending them to their friend base and circles.
  • Offer regular promotions from a online social media storefront, in addition to your normal website offerings.
  • Build contests in social media by giving away a product or service - but gaining "Like" fan base and "Pluses" - creating an even larger FREE distribution of your offerings via postings.

E-commerce methods of attracting and retaining customers are constantly evolving. With new methods being created by competitors at all times, it is in your best interest to remain ahead of the curve and keep the attention of the customer. Let Rook Interactive help you integrate the latest in E-Commerce Strategies into your site plan - by clicking here.