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Making sure your Design also helps you get Found on Search Engines

While having a beautiful site and imaging is important, you still have to have people to look at it, and your design should take into account the importance of being Search Engine Friendly.
This involves actually having good relative content - about the subject you want people to find you for, in the geographic region you provide the product or service.
Too many times, past designers create a beautiful site, that is created entirely of images or Adobe Flash, which when read by a Search Engine, ensures a very low score - meaning that you will receive very few visitors as a result.
There is a good balance of Interactivity and images that should be counterbalanced by the true relative information in your site.
The Search Engines themselves have started also helping push this standard, by tightening up their rules, and scoring procedures. The Internet can be a great equalizer by giving anyone reach to markets that were off-limits or unavailable before - but now you also need to show you know your stuff. The Internet gives you the stage, but you still need to prove you case - that your products are better, cooler, and a better solution for the customer - and this will become an even larger filter for your marketing efforts - if you don't do your homework.
Let use help you strike the RIGHT balance - and REFINE your message as part of your site or project design - by clicking here.