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The visual WOW Factor for your site is STILL important

While it is very important for your site to be Search Engine Friendly, and to truly reflect your Business Identity, your site still needs to be designed with the current standards and DEMANDS of today's technology. Where you could at one point, simply put up a small poster to advertise your business, you are now expected to launch a full scale production for your website - the viewing public wants to SEE your products, staff, and be able to READ why you are better than others, WATCH the videos of your past clients, BROWSE your blog entries, and BUY your products online. The attention span for an average web surfing customers is less than 30 seconds, so your site's visual impact needs to be strong, modern, and effective. While it also needs to that technical edge of programming functions, don't discount the need to impress your client.
Let Rook Interactive help you SHOW them exactly why you are their choice - and get your message across using the combinations of HTML, PHP, ASP, AJAX, XHTML, XML, Javascript scripts, along with YouTube and Vimeo Videos, and Podcasts. Make sure your website represents your best IMAGE online - and click here to let Rook Interactive make your vision a reality.