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Analysis and Performance - the proof is in the results.

One of the most important parts of a website or a media project, is the measurement of its success. There was a reason you, as the client, embarked on the journey towards digital greatness, and each project owner needs to see the benefits of his investment. Rook Interactive is different in this way from other firms, in the fact that we also help provide insight into how a site project and its marketing efforts perform. By sharing this information openly with the client, we hold both our work and our effort to promote the work to the world ACCOUNTABLE.
Each site project or media project will generally have specific goals; to generate overall exposure to a brand, to achieve dominance over a competitor in the Search game, to increase awareness to a cause or an issue, or to sell products through the digital storefront. With these goals in mind, we provide some tools to help measure performance - not only for our sites, but we can also help you review your past efforts as well - to see if you have been getting what you have been paying for. These services are some of our most popular - not only to direct clients, but to other designers and agencies, because it gives them a way to show they are doing the right work.
Here are the three most popular reporting tools in the Rook arsenal - and we hope they give you the knowledge you need to make the most informed decisions when choosing your marketing path:

1. Search Engine Ranking Report - A snapshot of exactly where you are placed on the outside Search Engines that WILL REFER clients into your project. This report covers ALL of the engines (not just Google) in your demographics, and tells you not only what page you are listed on, but by which key phrase or keyword, and what line number. Example - you could be listing on Page 1 of Google, listing number 4 - and we should talk about how to help you move up.

2. Web Traffic Analytics - If you are a Rook Web Hosting client, you automatically get access to the other side of the equation. Our detailed analytics package breaks down the website traffic you HAVE RECEIVED in great detail. Not only does it tell you when they arrived, it tells you what pages and items they looked at, how long they stayed in your site, what documents they may have downloaded, how they came into the site, whether by search engine, another website that was linked to you, or perhaps even by traditional ad campaigns, such as Television ads, Radio, or printed materials. This product stays active as long as you host the site with Rook, allowing you to identify long term trends - such as days of the week, best time to get ad responses, and which paid advertisements actually pay off in results. All of these reports can be exported to Word, or Excel, to allow a complete presentation of what really happened.

3. Competitive Analysis - This report pulls back the curtain on your lead competition in the digital market. It exposes HOW THEY ARE GETTING RESULTS, and where they are getting better placement mathematically - and give you and your design team a digital blueprint of content changes, backlinks needed, and more to help get you site into the lead. In many case, your competition will not know how you are doing it, after you make adjustments, and surpass their results. By leveraging Rook's detailed knowledge of the scoring of sites and their algorithms, you can make the informed choices to advance your site or project without guesswork - you can know what needs to be done to progress.