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Rook Interactive - Celebrating 18 years.

Rook Interactive, Inc was formed in October of 1995 in Dayton, Ohio to help businesses and users alike make use of the growing Internet medium. Design and development services for the web, along with managed website hosting, website analytics, and new methods of promoting business using the Internet were the backbone of Rook’s offerings and continue to evolve to support its clients' needs. What once was a one-man operation has expanded to a family business, with another separate division, Flying Pig Printing, that focuses entirely on tangible products such as printed materials, trade show materials, and ad specialty items.

Here in Colorado, Rook Interactive continues to grow and expand its network of designers, writers, technical coding specialists, and dedicated regional sales representatives, along with its original founder, Scott Willis, and his family. Currently, the business has continued to grow and develop its client base, and is proud to offer its services to clients from all over the world, primarily in the United States, but also in Canada, Mexico, Central America, Brazil, Ireland, England, France, and the Ukraine. We, in partnership with one of our clients, can also offer design services and translation in over 50 languages.

Rook has also expanded its services into more forms of interactive media including video production, E-Book production, the binding and printing of books and textbooks, as well as working with the press directly and managing public relations for events and client tours.
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