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Rook Interactive has always been a firm believer in community.

Over the past years, Rook Interactive has donated equipment, services and personal time to the local worthwhile organizations of the A Special Wish Foundation, the Dayton Boys and Girls club, Z-93's Prom Promise, the Oldtime Newsies Charity Motorcycle Race for Muscular Dystrophy, Big Brothers and Sisters, as well as setting up several websites to help promote the local High School Sporting events. We have donated time and web services to several non-profit organizations across the country, including churches, business networking organizations, and organizations dedicated to support the Arts and the Marketing Industry. After Hurricane Katrina, Rook temporarily relocated to the City of New Orleans, so that the company could assist several non-profit organizations in the recovery efforts. Afterwards, the company moved to its permanent home in Centennial, Colorado. It is the company's belief that is vitally important to be involved in the business community, and to contribute to the well being of the region - not just make a profit off its people.

Rook Interactive has actively supported the following community Non-Profit Organizations. We hope that you will offer your support to them as well.

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